Vanguard chefs are creating a culinary revolution by experimenting with this ancient food source.

The unexpected but pleasant burst of citrus flavor offered by black ants is always a hit with guests. People really enjoy the experience.

Ants are a subtle approach. Scorpions, on the other hand, have real shock value. Tequila shots and cocktails topped with real scorpions you can eat are something that draws an audience in. Scorpions also make great cake toppers or as unexpected salad ingredients.

Chinicuil gusanos (aka: The Worm) in a shot of tequila or mezcal is an old-time tradition for bartenders and guests alike. Chinicuiles, along with Chicatanas, are seasonal.

To add an exotic and authentic touch to just about any Mexican dish, include Chicatanas (aka: Big Assed Ants). This pre-Hispanic food is still revered today.


Gourmet Black Ants

Gourmet Black Ants

Edible Scorpion

Manchurian Scorpions

Maguey Worms For Sale

Chinicuil Gusano

Chicatanas for sale


Culinary Quality Insects

There are nearly a thousand insects considered food and every one of them tastes different.

They’re on the menu in restaurants worldwide. Although still uncommon here, insects are trending in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Insects are Ancient Food Rediscovered.