Totally Crazy Upsell for Vanguard Bartenders

$5 Upsell Produces 400% Margin & Creates Marketing Buzz!

Half-past midnight, Alec noticed the “Scorp-It” table card that offered a Real Manchurian Scorpion added to a cocktail and lit on fire for just $5. He dared Tom to join him, and the two bought a couple of Flaming Scorpion Cocktails.

The bartender didn’t just hand them the drinks with a scorpion on top; he performed a bit of theater. Before he placed the scorpions on the cocktails, he showed Alec and Tom how the scorpion glowed in his hand under a blacklight. Scorpions naturally glow an eerie blue/green color.

The people around them noticed Alec and Tom’s reaction. So, by the time the bartender was ready to add the scorpion to the cocktail, a dozen people were watching.

Scorpions for BarsThe bartender added the scorpions to top of the cocktails, poured some liquor over them, and lit ’em on fire.

The gasp caught the attention of the whole bar.

With Flaming Scorpion Cocktails in front of them, Alec and Tom were on the spot. It’s definitely a mental challenge. They waited for the flames to go out and the scorpions to cool down. Then, together, bravely, They Ate The Scorpion! The whole place roared.

The next day, Alec and Tom told their friends and anyone else that would listen about their brave act. They even boasted online.

That’s the magic of Manchurian Scorpions. They’re an adventure and become an experience no one ever forgets.

Wholesale edible scorpions cost around a buck and quickly sell for five bucks. That’s a 400% margin on a product that’s also a marketing tactic. Anyone that eats a scorpion will tell everyone they know, and your establishment is part of the story.



For this marketing program, the Scorpion Shot costs $14.95. If you eat the scorpion, you get a free “I Ate The Scorpion” T-Shirt. Of course, the t-shirt has your establishment’s name and address on it.

This program doesn’t have high margins, but it’s excellent marketing and pays for itself.

The key to both programs is that the campaign gets people talking and gives them a story they’ll never forget.

No one eats a scorpion and doesn’t brag about it endlessly.

If your clients include crazy adventurous people, then this will create a buzz, naturally. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Give it a shot. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.


The table card advertising scorpions that Alec saw was supplied by us for free. So was the t-shirt design. You can check out more free marketing materials here:

Free Scorpion Marketing Materials